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Alba May Leave Barcelona

#1 von futshop , 11.08.2017 04:43

Alba May Leave Barcelona

After playing 343 in Barcelona, Alba's playing time was squeezed, which let him sprout the idea of leaving the team. According to playerhot reported that the Paris is very interested in Alba, hoping to bring Alba back to Paris in the fifa 18 coins summer.

The Paris is looking for Maxwell's successor, cuz his contract will expire in June this year, and the two sides did not renew the plan. So they are looking for a left back this summer and it has become a focus on the transfer market. In the eyes of the Paris coach, Alba is undoubtedly the most appropriate candidate. And during coaching Valencia, the two have had cooperation.

In order to get Alba, Paris is willing to open a 30 million euros cheap fifa 18 coins offer for him. But the last two games, the team re-kick 433, Alba then was back to the main position, if Barcelona adhere to the 433's play, then Alba's possibility to leave will become very small.BY futshop.net here now... well done, so thanks!

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