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Fourth Tier Unlocking into RO game

#1 von futshop , 01.06.2017 08:12

Fourth Tier Unlocking

You will have the ability to unlock your 4th tier on the Equipment Activator NPC, which are found in Sidus Ur (1618,1330,120) and in revelation online gold (5484, -1506, 15). Your equipment must be already fully awakened at tier 3 and be at 100%, you will also need to bring with you Tier Beads in order to unlock it. Depending on the level of your equipment it will need varying quantities of Tier Beads:

Level 40-49: 34 Tier Beads per item (408 in total for all)
Level 50-59: 100 Tier Beads per item (1200 in total for all)
Level 60-69: 400 Tier Beads per item (4800 in total for all)
Level 70-79: 650 Tier Beads per item (7800 in total for all)

You are able to purchase Tier beads in several different ways the quickest being either visiting Cita Ceres located by the Sulan Bridge (5478,-1980,9) with the use of Curious beads or purchasing them out of the cheap revelation online gold cash shop for Aurum.

To gather Curious beads, you can recycle Peculiar Tickets, which you can buy directly from Cita, however you’re limited to purchasing only 4 Peculiar Tickets per day via the NPC. This limit does not apply to purchases made from other players in the community though.

Awakening your equipment just like refining will take time and patience. However for those that make the effort will see a boost in their performance on the battlefield. Make sure you're battle-ready and awaken your equipment to unlock its fullest revelation online gythil potential! See more of these in http://www.playerhot.com/games/revelation-online/Golds online now... come to playerhot for more fun and more revelation online gold cheap!

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